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Hello everyone! Mr. Quackertin here, and im here today to give an important announcement! Today 8-5-13 is the grand opening of Outsiders know forum! I worked so hard for this to come true, please make intro thread id like to meet all of you. Enjoy your stay. Smile

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 Rules!!! (Please Read)

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Daffy Duck

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PostSubject: Rules!!! (Please Read)   Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:53 pm

Here at the Outsiders we follow a code. This code is very simple and isn't to much to ask.Lets begin...

1. DO NOT, under any circumstance LEAK any Outsiders content.Doing so will result in a automatic removal of the team and will be perma-banned from the forum.

2. Do not look for fights with other team groups.Our team tries to remain a peaceful group and we will keep it that way.Any evidence of any member/members showing signs of aggression towards other teams without it being a act of self defense will be suspended for a short limited time. Continue do act will result in a ban and will be kicked from the team.

3. Show respect to your leaders & your fellow members. A debatable discuss is allowed as long as its taken in a well civilized manner.Flame wars will not be tolerated.

4. Stay active! Staying active and contributing to the group means a lot to us. The more active and more productive you are will accelerate our work and have sweet content made. Also the more production the better potential to earning sweet prizes and respect from the staff leaders! Any team member who hasn't contributed anything for the team will first be given a warning.If there unable to comply then they will be cut of the team.

Now that you all know the rules, I expect for everyone to follow them with no confusion. Play save and have fun.

-Mr. Quackertin


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Rules!!! (Please Read)

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